24-28 APRIL 2017


Imagine spending 5 days in immersion on a little Norwegian island, facing the Atlantic ocean on one side and the gorgeous coast of the mainland on the other side.

Imagine learning from nature to come up with new and sustainable solutions to concrete problems faced by local industries and communities.

Come and join us on a 5 day immersion workshop to learn how nature can help you solve your challenges, whether they are technical or social.

You will be exploring the surroundings of the island of Runde on the Norwegian coast, learning from nature by observing it together with biologists. You will be learning by doing, putting new techniques into practice to design new solutions. 

We want to equip you with tools and knowledge to better tackle the challenges your business faces. 

Trending notions from design thinking, biomimicry and the circular economy will be taught and put daily into practice. For companies this training represents a fantastic opportunity to stimulate the creativity of their employees, have them think out of the box and improve their problem solving skills with new techniques.

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This workshop will be run jointly by BiomimicryNorway , WIITHAA and Semcon

Homepage photo by Nadja Edler - CC BY-NC-ND