Imagine learning from nature for sustainable and highly efficient solutions in areas like transport, energy, packaging, communication and even leadership and team management. All of these, nature has been mastering it for a very long time. Why don't you learn from it too?

During our workshops, you will learn incredible strategies and solutions around how nature masters movement, on the ground, on water or in the air. You will also discover beautiful solutions for energy harvesting, storage and distribution from plants and birds. You will be amazed by smart natural packaging and sheltering solutions from insects and animals. And finally wonder about collaborative communication strategies that birds or insects implemented to hunt, organize and survive on this planet.

All of these great insights and solutions could be useful to build the masterplan for your next innovation wether you work as an engineer, designer, team leader or at the forefront of strategy in your company.

For companies this training represents a fantastic opportunity to stimulate the creativity of your employees, have them think in a more holistic way and improve their problem solving skills with new techniques. Through a variety of workshops participants will explore on how to emulate nature's organizational and systemic strategies for their teams and projects.

These workshops are jointly organized by BiomimicryNorway, Wiithaa and OBB.

Homepage photo by Nadja Edler - CC BY-NC-ND