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Innovate With Nature is a series of learning expeditions and workshops where participants learn from nature and get techniques to solve their challenge by taking inspiration from nature. Biomimicry, Design Thinking and the Circular Economy are all part of the tools and methodologies that we use.




20 SEPT. 2017, PARIS (in French)

16 NOV. 2017, OSLO (in English)


This series of half-day workshops will give you an introduction to nature's principles and what is often referred to as biomimicry. Nature's guidelines and innovations can be great sources of inspiration for us in areas as diverse as chemistry, energy, architecture but also team management, leadership and the way we structure our companies and economies. It can even give us some thoughts on how we take global decisions, choose to be represented or elect our political leaders. 

Through these short workshops you can quickly dig into the universe of biomimicry and bio-inspiration and get familiar with tools that can be directly applied in your work. We have designed 3 half-day workshops around specific themes:

> Natural leadership

> Designing like nature

> Organic economies


These workshop are designed to be independent from each other while forming a consistent whole. So you can choose to attend only selected ones or the whole series.

We currently offer these workshops in two languages and two locations. The ones happening in the Bois de Boulogne, near Paris, are in French, whereas the ones happening at the Botanical Garden in Oslo will be held in English.

Scroll down to find out more about each of them!

The objectives of these 3 half-days are:

- Discovering ecosystems, their inhabitants and their interactions in context, with some outdoor activities

- Becoming aware of possible bridges between how nature works and how you can apply it on a daily basis

- Reflecting on the individual and collective impacts of these modes of operation in your work and in your life




Our management methods today are transformed by new technologies and by the different wishes and desires of the new generations.

How can we continue to inspire, federate, motivate and embark teams through these transformations by integrating the magic and simplicity of nature's processes into your leadership?

Whether you are a young manager or an experienced leader, this program offers you to explore your relationship with nature and how you can better manage your organization and your teams. Building from this knowledge you will be able to improve your daily practices, better adapt to change and embrace transformations that are happening quickly today in technology, communications, work-life balance, etc.

With this workshop, you will understand the rhythm of nature, slow but effective, and you will find inspiration to develop a professional and emotional environment that allows everyone to be themselves with all their facets: with rationality and intuitions, with determination and doubts, with strength and vulnerability, with emotions and its moods. These means providing access to the humanity of everyone. Because let's not forget that we are part of nature too, so most of the rules in the natural world apply to us humans as well. You will see that reconnecting with nature is both inspiring and a good return on investment.



Discovery - Natural Leadership: SEPTEMBER 20th, 2017, PARIS (in French)

Discovery - Natural Leadership: NOVEMBER 16th, 2017, OSLO (in English)





Looking at the key principles of nature, you will explore deep design patterns found in nature. You will discover ingenuity in forms, chemical processes, materials and structures designed by living organisms. Wether it be architecture or engineering, energy harvesting or packaging, communication and time management, you will find guidelines in nature's life principles that you can apply to your work, or in your daily life.

During that workshop, we will focus on functions and the deriving strategies that nature adopts to fulfill its needs. You will find out how nature's smart and diverse designs emerge depending on the context and place. This will come with a selection of examples in diverse areas and complemented with a specific tool to help you understand and apply these principles to tangible product and systems design.

Inspiring from these complex yet simple processes, you will be able to analyse how you can apply these simple rules to your design process, engineering and product design.



Discovery - Designing Like Nature: NOVEMBER 7th, 2017, PARIS (in French)

Discovery - Designing Like Nature: NOVEMBER 23rd, 2017, OSLO (in English)



Nature and ecosystems can be seen as economies where all the different parts exchange materials and molecules. If you look at a forest for instance, you will find collaboration between trees and mushrooms, often referred as symbiosis that benefits the two organisms. Truth be told, there is no money in nature but we can see the functioning of a forest as a stock exchange with materials flowing from one part to the other, organisms taking bets on weather and harvests, and others storing resources before winter comes.

During that workshop, we will look at nature as a role model at the ecosystem level. You will understand nature's mechanisms at that level can guide you to redesign your company's strategy but also how you can apply such mechanisms at the city level to foster more organic economies.

Imagine if you could shape our entire economies like nature does, what would that world look like?



Discovery - Organic Economies: NOVEMBER 29th, 2017, PARIS (in French)

Discovery - Organic Economies: NOVEMBER 30th, 2017, OSLO (in English)



These workshops will be facilitated by some or all of our team members depending on theme and location.



Nico gros plan.png

Nicolas Buttin is the co-founder of Wiithaa, a design and innovation agency focusing on circular economy. Clients include L’Oréal, IKEA, Danone, Nespresso, AXA, Bouygues, Orange and Suez. He is also the co-founder of the Circulab methodology which purpose is to activate the circular economy for companies. Circulab is now a global network of trained certified consultants from Europe to Asia and the Americas (more than 40 people in 15 different countries).

Nicolas is the co-author of the book 'Activate the circular economy' (in French, soon available in English) released in 2015. He is also a speaker at various global conferences including TEDx where he talked about how to reconnect with nature. Nicolas has been teaching design and economy for many years in business and design schools as well as engineering and political sciences institutions like SciencesPo.

Nicolas is graduated from Celsa in Paris and also owns a post-graduate in Design Management from the University of the Arts London. He is a specialist on design thinking innovation methodology theorized in Stanford where he has been coaching yearly projects from ME310 international program ( Nicolas helps companies turn big ideas into tangible products and services by running collaborative workshops based on business games and rapid prototyping. He also accompanies businesses on the design and implementation of such innovations.

Nicolas has always been a nature lover, sustainability advocate and open-source believer. He started to specialize in biomimicry by co-designing a game on the best cases of biomimicry: Biomimicards (freely available online), before developing the Circulab, which is also inspired by nature’s resilience and cost effectiveness.

Nicolas is living and working in Paris. And likes to cook great French food!




Michel Wolfstirn is the co-founder of BiomimicryNorway, a not for profit organization aiming at promoting biomimicry in Scandinavia and helping companies to innovate with sustainability in mind by using the biomimicry and circular economy frameworks. He is also a certified Circulab consultant.

Loving outdoors adventures, Michel felt the need to balance his karma from 8 years as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry by starting his journey with biomimicry in 2014. He has since then held a number of keynotes and workshops on integrating circular economy and biomimicry principles in the design process and is working with several projects incorporating these frameworks. Michel is also a visiting lecturer at HiOA, the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Michel is a graduate of ENSAM (now Arts et Métiers ParisTech) and Universität Karlsruhe (now KIT) and holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from both institutions. Michel also attended several courses and immersion workshops held by the Biomimicry Institute.

Michel has been living in Oslo for the past 10 years trying to make the most out of the stunning sceneries the Norwegian landscape provides.




Olivier Bouleau is an author, coach and consultant, who helps organizations and stakeholders find and embrace common visions, goals and strategies. He creates and facilitates seminars, training sessions, as well as providing individual coaching with the aim of helping participants understand and find solutions to meet their challenges.

Olivier was an expatriate for over 15 years as International Sales, Marketing and Operational Director for industrial groups around the world. He has launched from scratch a corporate university and trained on an international level over 500 managers and leaders. His primary focus has always been client satisfaction, team cohesion and performance.

He recently co-authored BE BOLD: A how-to guide with Jocelyn Pinet. He is frequently asked to coach executives facing tough decisions and in need of developing their leadership and a more inspiring management style.

Olivier is a certified MBTI, Appreciative Inquiry and Non Violent Communication coach. Olivier has been certified since 2007 as senior coach by the EMCC. He is part of a talented network of international coaches.