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Innovate With Nature is a series of learning expeditions and workshops where participants learn from nature and get techniques to solve their challenge by taking inspiration from nature. Biomimicry, Design Thinking and the Circular Economy are all part of the tools and methodologies that we use.





Imagine learning from nature for sustainable and highly efficient solutions for a more circular economy

Our approach is mixing the best of biomimicry, circular economy and design thinking methodologies. We are an international team of professionals in these disciplines with strong academic backgrounds too in design, business, engineering and biology. Some of us are also teaching in these areas.

We believe nature already solved some of our most pressing challenges to survive on this planet

Looking at how nature works can improve industries like construction, manufacturing, technology, energy, transport and agriculture. We can also improve how we run and design cities by looking at nature on a systems scale. Nature can also inform us in more intangible areas such as communication, leadership and team management. All of these, nature has been mastering it for a very long time. So why don't you learn from it too?

Explore the universe of biomimicry

Biomimicry is a methodology and philosophy of innovation that inspires from nature and emulates its principles. It relates to forms, materials and processes of living organisms. It may involve nano and molecular scales, and up to macro and ecosystems scales. Biomimicry always seeks sustainable solutions because the core principle of nature is that life creates conditions conducive to life. It's embedded in life's DNA and it is one of the core reason why it works so well in the long run.

Life's Principles (framework developed by Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute)

Life's Principles (framework developed by Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute)

Learning expeditions in nature to discover masters of innovation

During our outdoor workshops, you will learn incredible strategies and solutions around how nature masters movement on the ground, in the air and in water. You will also be amazed by smart natural packaging and sheltering solutions from insects and animals. You will discover new chemical processes that are efficient, cost-effective and sustainable by looking at plants and fungi. You will also discover beautiful solutions for energy harvesting, storage and distribution from plants, birds and other species. In fact, looking closely to nature, you will understand that most of our humans needs are already being solved by other species. Learning from them, we can for example better master at flying, using low energy, lighter and smart structure materials. We can also improve our communication systems looking at bees, ants or termites and how they interact with each other on a large scale, organizing for a common goal with very simple rules.

Bird watching

Apply design thinking, circular economy and biomimicry to your work

In everything we do, we like to mix theory and practice, this is why our workshops are organized for you to gain maximum benefits while applying directly your learning to current challenges you may have. By using the design thinking framework and co-designing with users, clients and other stakeholders we believe you can fast-track innovation and build more resilient solutions. Here's a sneak peek of the Circulab, one of our tool to help people apply these lessons to their work and business.

Circulab Board (part of the Circulab methodology and frameworks developed by Wiithaa and the Circulab network)

Circulab Board (part of the Circulab methodology and frameworks developed by Wiithaa and the Circulab network)

Circular economy workshop with the Circulab for IKEA

Circular economy workshop with the Circulab for IKEA

All of these great insights and solutions could be useful to build the masterplan for your next innovation wether you work as an engineer, a designer, a team leader or at the forefront of strategy in your company or organization. You will discover how we can make the link between business, technology, human aspirations and nature to create smart, desirable and sustainable innovations.

These workshops represent a fantastic opportunity to stimulate your creativity and think in a more holistic way by improving your problem solving skills with new techniques. Through a variety of tools participants will explore how to emulate nature's organizational and systemic strategies for their teams and projects. You will more easily structure and scope your challenges, learn to see nature as a benchmark to identify new ideas and opportunities, and finally co-design effectively and happily with others.

Challenge to Biology (framework developed by Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute)

Challenge to Biology (framework developed by Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute)


Learn how nature can make your innovations more effective and resilient by:

> Discovering new ways to solve problems by considering the broader context

> Exploring nature's strategies with biomimicry, circular economy and design thinking tools

> Experiencing a lot of outdoor activities and fun exercises along the way !

> Implementing new solutions in your professional environment


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Want to discover more about circular economy, biomimicry and design thinking?

Here's our TEDx talk about how to reconnect with nature (subtitles available in many languages: click on settings> subtiles> auto-translate)


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