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Innovate With Nature is a series of learning expeditions and workshops where participants learn from nature and get techniques to solve their challenge by taking inspiration from nature. Biomimicry, Design Thinking and the Circular Economy are all part of the tools and methodologies that we use.



NORWAY - APRIL 23rd to 27th 2019

>>> SPECIAL WORKSHOP: NORWAY - APRIL 15th to 19th 2019

Imagine learning from nature to come up with new, sustainable and highly efficient solutions in areas like transport, energy, sheltering or packaging, and even communication and management.

>>> Early bird ticket: 1150€ (only until February 15th)

>>> Regular price ticket: 1500€ (until March 15th latest)

You will learn incredible strategies and solutions around how nature masters movement, on the ground, on water or in the air. You will also discover beautiful solutions for energy harvesting, storage and distribution from plants and birds. You will also be amazed by smart natural packaging and sheltering solutions from insects and animals. And finally wonder about collaborative communication strategies that birds implemented to fish, organize and survive in tough weather conditions.

All of these great insights could be useful to build the masterplan for your next innovation wether you work as an engineer, designer or in strategy in your company.

You will be exploring the surroundings of the island of Runde, near the city of Ålesund and learn from nature by observing it with local biologists and naturalists from the Runde Environment Center. You will also be guided throughout this journey by our fantastic team of facilitators who will equip you with tools and knowledge to better tackle the challenges your business faces.

You will be learning by doing, putting new techniques into practice to design new solutions with the help of special tools such as the Circulab. Notions from design thinking, biomimicry and the circular economy will be taught and put daily into practice to improve your learnings outcomes.


For companies this training represents a fantastic opportunity to stimulate the creativity of their employees, have them think in a more holistic way and improve their problem solving skills with new techniques.



Home of the famous puffins, the island of Runde also benefits from the great resources of the Runde Environmental Center. This will be our camp base for the week for running workshops and also accommodation.

The entire week will be organized around 4 key challenges that we selected:

  • motion

  • energy

  • shelter

  • organizing

Mornings will be moments dedicated for outdoor activities and exploration of nature with biologists where you will learn incredible engineering from birds, insects, plants and fish.

Afternoons will be dedicated to analyzing, relating and benchmarking for solutions to human problems related to our 4 challenges. This could also be complemented with deeper exploration of nature outside if needed. Inspiration from the natural way of reacting to stress, constraints and unpredictability will help participants to reflect on how implementing new management and functional modes.

Evenings will be dedicated to contextualizing with a series of games and prototyping tools in order to bring your ideas to life as much as possible.

This program and entire week goals are dedicated to give you easy access to nature as a tremendous source of inspiration in your work (and also for your life in general). Expect to be surprised and amazed by nature's incredible sustainable and efficient strategies. You will also learn process and methodology to innovate with nature when you come back home.


You will be given a note book in order to make links between everything you see and hear and your leadership style and your team management and organization. You strongly recommend you keep it on you at any time.

We will arrive all on Monday morning from Ålesund and we offer free trip to Runde island with an authentic Norwegian sail boat. This will take about 2 hours boat trip. For people feeling not too confortable sailing there is also an option by road that takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Arriving on the island we will unpack and give you some introduction for the week to come and explain basics concepts of biomimicry, circular economy and design thinking methodology that we will use during these 5 days together.

The late afternoon and evening will be dedicated for some time outside, followed be a walk to see sunset and organize a dinner outside near the lighthouse (if weather conditions allow to).

Capture d’écran 2017-01-13 à 11.28.15.png


We will start this day by giving you instruction about your first challenge and group you in a first team as well. Each day are dedicated to a new challenge so you can cover 3 of the 4 challenges during this week. Also you will change team each day so you can connect and work with everybody during the week.

Will we start our morning walk outside with an energizing game to open your 5 senses. We will then stay outside for about 2 hours with biologist from the Runde Environmental Center. We want you to explore the local context and the living species out there that developed interesting strategies related to our 4 challenges.

Back at our camp base, we will have lunch altogether and start gathering, commenting and analyzing our first insights in teams. You can have access to complementary research from the resources of the Runde Environmental Center, online or go outside again if you need.

The evening will be the time for contextualizing and reflecting on your first discoveries and solutions, with the help of the Circulab. With this business game we've developed you can easily scan and map key elements related to any new products, services or business. Focused on the circular economy, this tool helps you make the most of your solution for maximum business, environmental and social impacts.


You will change group and challenge and we will start the day with a later walk outside. This day will be time for longer exploration outside followed by a late lunch, also outside if weather conditions allow.

We will have a collective game together after lunch and then you will group again with you team for the afternoon reflecting on your challenge of the day. In the late afternoon and evening we will use the mapping and prototyping tools to help you make you solutions as lively and visual as possible.



Changing challenge and team again we will try to start this day with an early walk to see the puffins on the cliffs of the island and learn about their uncommon strategies for fishing and surviving in extreme conditions both on land and in the  North Atlantic Ocean.

We will have lunch near the colonies of puffins in possible and run a collective game again just after. Going back to our camp base in the afternoon you will group with your day team to relate your discoveries from the morning. You will then work on your challenge for the rest of the day.



During this last day, there will be on option to have a boat tour around the island in the morning, an excursion on the island or finalizing your presentation from your challenges if you need to.

We will present all the challenges later in the morning before having a lunch together and packing back for Alesund. Same option as for arrival: boat trip or option by road.

Our learning expedition with you will end up here but we can only recommend to stay over the weekend to see the fjords of Norway, especially the one near Ålesund: Geirangerfjord

We truly believe you will enjoy every moment of this great expedition we've planned for you. And we know that you will come back home with plenty of new insights from nature and new tools and methodology to use in your company to innovate with nature in mind.

We can't wait to have you onboard with us!



The immersion workshop will be facilitated by the four team members presented below and will be assisted by biologist from the Runde Environmental Center.



Nicolas Buttin.jpg

Nicolas Buttin is the co-founder of Innovate With Nature. He also co-founded Wiithaa, the first design and innovation agency focusing on circular economy. Clients include L’Oréal, IKEA, Danone, Nespresso, AXA, Bouygues, Orange and Suez. He is also the co-founder of the Circulab methodology which purpose is to activate the circular economy for companies. Circulab is now a global network of trained certified consultants (more than 50 people on all continents).

Nicolas is the co-author of the book 'Activate the circular economy' (in French, soon available in English) released in 2015. He is also a speaker at various global conferences including TEDx where he talked about how to reconnect with nature. Nicolas has been teaching design and economy for many years in business and design schools as well as engineering and political sciences institutions like SciencesPo.

Nicolas is graduated from Celsa in Paris and also owns a post-graduate in Design Management from the University of the Arts London. He is a specialist on design thinking innovation methodology theorized in Stanford where he has been coaching yearly projects from ME310 international program ( Nicolas helps companies turn big ideas into tangible products and services by running collaborative workshops based on business games and rapid prototyping. He also accompanies businesses on the design and implementation of such innovations.

Nicolas has always been a nature lover, sustainability advocate and open-source believer. He started to specialize in biomimicry by co-designing a game on the best cases of biomimicry: Biomimicards (freely available online), before developing the Circulab, which is also inspired by nature’s resilience and cost effectiveness.

Nicolas is living and working in Paris.




Michel Wolfstirn is the co-founder of BiomimicryNorway, a not for profit organization aiming at promoting biomimicry in Scandinavia and helping companies to innovate with sustainability in mind by using the biomimicry and circular economy frameworks. He is also a certified Circulab consultant.

Loving outdoors adventures, Michel felt the need to balance his karma from 8 years as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry by starting his journey with biomimicry in 2014. He has since then held a number of keynotes and workshops on integrating circular economy and biomimicry principles in the design process and is working with several projects incorporating these frameworks. Michel is also a visiting lecturer at HiOA, the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Michel is a graduate of ENSAM (now Arts et Métiers ParisTech) and Universität Karlsruhe (now KIT) and holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from both institutions. Michel also attended several courses and immersion workshops held by the Biomimicry Institute.

Michel has been living in Oslo for the past 10 years trying to make the most out of the stunning sceneries the Norwegian landscape provides.






At the Runde Environment Center on Runde Island in Norway.


From April 15th to 19th 2019



Between 15 and 20 people



You will discover the surrounding nature by boat or by foot. With the help of biologists you will learn how local plants and animals adapt to their environment. During workshops our facilitators will equip you with design tools to extract the principles of nature’s strategies and solutions so you can apply them to your design challenges.



Anybody curious to learn from nature and interested in developing sustainable solutions. The more diverse the background of the participant, the better! This training is also intended for professionals interested or working on topics of sustainability, innovation, design, engineering, strategy, management or learning.



These will be provided at Runde Environment Center. You will be staying in cosy small flats and food can be adapted to allergies and special needs. You can have a look at these selected pictures from the Center:



Activities will not be very strenuous, expect short hikes for about 2-3 hours, boating and maybe paddling (if weather and wind conditions allow).



Registration is open until March 15th, 2019

Please wait after this date to book any flight or transport. This will be the date when we confirm this training.



- Transport from Ålesund (nearest airport to the workshop) to Runde and back provided that you arrive in Ålesund no later than 9am on the 15th of April. Return to Ålesund is currently estimated to be 4pm on the 19th of April. If you deviate from this schedule transport will be at your own cost.

- All accommodation and food between the 15th of April 9am to the 19th of April 4pm.

- Workshops, expeditions, workshop material

The price does NOT include:

- Transportation from your home location to the meet-up point in Ålesund and return trip.




By plane: Ålesund Vigra airport

By car (parking facilities near the workshop location)



Yes, please let us know in that case the name and contact of the person replacing you by writing at



The workshop will be refunded minus the processing fees (150EUR) if cancellation happens before the registration period ends on March 15th, 2019. After that date no refund will be possible. 

If the workshop is cancelled by the organizer after the registration period is over, your ticket will be fully refunded.